Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brown Sugar

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I remember as a young girl, all my Father ever played was Music. Alot of music in our home.

Matter fact, less Television. Only on Thursday evenings. Remember ? Cosby Show First, Different World came on after. yup , VHS was hot back than, we recorded all the Cosby shows.  that was so long ago. I was always  excited to ride with my Dad in the car, he loved Jazz , hundreds of albums, My mother loved Gospel. The Clark Sisters especially, and Helen Baylor. Kenny G, and Sade music always played in our home. The love for Music started very young, I'm not a singer, But I always felt comfort with a pen and pad in my room,  on the weekends most of the day, I would play Music, and when I look back on it, My parents didn't really bother me. I played music all day long , and write. .. exactly what I'm doing now. My father taught me everything about Music, and the appreciation of Music, I remember being so in awe of Earth, Wind and Fire, and they came in town, we were suppose to go, we didn't.I think I cried . funny right? I was mad! Just the passion of an artist and their craft amazes me.When I think of Music , I think of Minnie Rippleton, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Sade, Isley Brothers, Robert Kelly aka R Kelly. , The Roots, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Nas, Chaka Khan,  Michael Jackson,  I could go on. Im also a big Coldplay Fan, and Maroon 5. I love it all and respect all types of Music.Brandy and Faith Evans are two artists I respect. My favorite female artist is Lauryn Hill. I had the pleasure of being in awe of her live in 1999. 

 My siblings and I are all talented in the area of Art. My sister can sing, I write, and my brother produces music , since he was a kid, and has worked with several Artists in Texas. I can go over my brothers house, he always has me listen to his new music material , and we both get  in our own zone, , matter of fact quite honestly he is one of my favorite producers, beside R kelly and Kanye West.Super Talented ! love him so.. Thats how "cold" my brother is. My sister never has shut up.  and I say that with love, she always sings. and can sing. I see my daughter Jada in her, Jada never shuts up . .At the end of the day Music soothes my spirits, it uplifts my day . I cant go a day without it.Like a Beyonce song " Radio" ooohhh yesss I heard that track and I was thinking to myself " I can relate to this song!!" .Or when I first saw the movie Brown Sugar, true story, I recieved like 3 calls, from people     " Miya I saw that movie and thought of you ." I love the Character of Sanna Lathan, have you seen it? Watch it. Cute story about love and hip hop. .. 

 Dang I wish I was a kid sometimes all over again, Than again, I still get a little excited when Im in the car with my father the times we do get to spend together.. smoothe ride, great music. Cherish the times with people you love.  love you Pops :)  this one is for you-

peace and love

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