Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddy Didnt Raise a Fool-more like A Queen

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No Scrubs

FACT is, a real Man respects a Woman. nothing worst than a Man disrespecting a woman.
Now I 've seen a woman disrespect herself, which  you would assume it gives the opportunity for a man to believe he can disrespect her, because of how she carries herself. I say, thats not an excuse. like Pac say "We all came from a woman. "

I ve been in all types of relationships.. lol not many believe it or not. but Ive seen it all. I left after I felt  disrespected.

if you disrespect me, its a slap in the face.Being raised  with a man daily in my life, I learned one thing, even for the women who grew up in a stable single  parent home with a woman, you should Know : Never depend on anyone. I also learned as I grew older to make sure the Man Im dealing with has his stuff together, financially on top of his business, not wanting for anything, on his grind, hustle, no scrub. Now Please understand, the same man who showed me what a real man is , is the same man who has been at the same company for 20 years, took care of his family. My own choices as i got older, lack of obedience, and a youthful lost " girl" I did what I wanted for a very long time in my very early twenties.  Since than of course, I ve become wiser, more careful on my choices. Not all perfect by any means, been hurt, And yes still single.. meaning not married, enjoying my company with "my guy" but not putting too much into it knowing things can change, i expect only the best, nothing less. Or Im Out of there, All women should know their worth, only expect the best in return , not only material things, but mentally, emotionally as well. Being there when times are tough, but woman enough to put things back together, makes a real woman. just working together. and both simply " on their grind" .  

peace and love mb-

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