Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Future Until I'm Old and Grey: My past.

I always told myself in my 30s I would move where I would retire, I absolutely love Washington DC,
I also love Atlanta, Georgia. Or should i say  my past,  in Atlanta, briefly in college, and meeting my best  friends . ( love you Kim and Ilene :) ) , or for the first time really coming into my own,  being mentored and close friends with Mason Bethea Aka Mase, who at that time was a student at Clark,   aww memories people grow and life is about Growth, .-  miss my S.A.N.E. group - his twin Stason,  my girl Tina , kim, jas, ilene,  and list goes on..

 I was very young, and even a young mother by the time I officially came back to Dallas, Texas. Now im exactly 30 years Young .. and my future is very very bright, so bright i want to share the news with everyone, but I'm just going to let action take place and hope my dreams come soon reality. I have two daughters, that means two bills. .. that means a family environment, good schools, culture, which i believe my current city has NONE.None at all. to be quite opinionated. I love everything about culture, and history, DC defines that in my book. outside of DC, yes i could live there too, my great Aunt lives very nice in DC, but that's my great aunt minus children, and my cousin who is a very well known entertainment lawyer.. minus children.. let me get back with you on this one...

hmmm... than theres Chicago .. let me daydream

Peace and Love

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