Monday, March 21, 2011

LETS REWIND..................

Warning : did not do spell check thank you very much *

Blessings everyone everyone everyone!! 2011 .. We made it.. I mean if you reading this you made it .. thank GOD!! Wow .. so hows life? Bad good. You alive ? so it should be great. **

Stop it!! the word” hater”  is old and outofstyle. Matter of fact you ARE Your OWN hater. You use it so D*** much. No one is hating on you, your  so called “hater”  just mad at themselves. Get over it. .. their  just insecure people who watch everything you do, and need some kind of Attention. Pray for them .. amen .. number one people :  Black women, well women in general. Who gives a d***about who got what and what their  doing, what dude their dating .. so on and so on ,, at the end of the day You cant take that too Heaven sista! are they really happy? Do what  makes you happy. Not only what makes you FEEL a certain way, at a  certain moment. It has to LAST more then a month or two.. heck more than a year or two~ Thank you


So Ive been entertained thoroughly in the past two weeks, from everyone saying what they plan to do , not gonna do all of the “goals” they have lined up Shut up ! and JUST do it ! don’t talk about it be about it. especially Adults who are getting older , so lets all get on our grind, whatever it might be – including myself

DATING ( for single unmarried “ folk “)

Ugh my head hurts, just typing that word. I know there are many  beautiful souls who are single and  great people, just yearning for a  wonderful soulmate. Reality is you Have control,  .. but God has FULL control. , dating is wack too me, Its pointless I say it all the time. Some might disagree but this is in regards to MY life.. well not really but you get my drift.. Be careful who you Allow in your life. Coming and going is just not healthy, yeah cool go on a couple dates
With that king or queen, but slowww down. Be wise about who you allow in your home, who you open your legs too, pull your pants down for.. im just keeping it 100,  all that stuff gets old and at the end of the day – your still lonely,  searching for that true KING or QUEEN in your life. The best thing too do is spend time loving you. Focusing on  YOU! Everything happens for a reason, we live our life by choices. When he/she comes you will know. It doesn’t hurt to pray either! Pray !!!


When its all said  and done, if youre still doing the SAME thing you were doing 2010 you suck! Especially if you call your self “ growing “ and leaving the past behind bs.I know for me, my goal is too finish this  book so people can leave me alone and I can shut up talking about it, no pressure.. yeah right. Creating a website, for my blogs and doing my PR thing with my beautiful Mommy who is the bomb businesswoman. I want to get married, ( Wait that might not happen this year  .. got excited) ,make a lot of money so I can  give lots  to my lovely church, I want to make sure my daughters continue to grow in the Word of God, active in the church , lastly I just want to continue to be free spirited, complicated , unique , artsy, outspoken, Real , down

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